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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Vista recognized in the market for its interior solution & support. Our continuous research for our customers’s needs led us to present the best of the product. Vista Solid Hardwood Flooring is one such finest product for our customers. This exquisite floor with an easy to aintain attribute led it to fit into every type of architecture & into every interior. They style &authenticity of natural wood designs give your home &distinctive atmosphere.
Physical Parameters :
Species : Oak stained in different shades.
Size : (18 × 125 × 300 ~ 1200)mm

Laminated Wooden Flooring

Laminate flooring is the newest and hottest trend to hit the flooring industry. Vista laminate flooring, capturing design, appeal and elegance with special attention to physical texture. Vista Laminate flooring consists of full textural coverage. With continuous urge of giving the best to the consumer, vista has made a mark in the market for its classy, elegance and durability. The natural variations and randomness found in flooring is indicative of perfection.
Laminate flooring also offers a variety of other benefits, including :
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy repairs, since damaged plank can be replaced without contrasting with the pattern of surrounding boards.
  • Easy cleaning, since laminate flooring doesn’t trap dirt.
Physical Parameters
1 Carton = 8 panels = 1.9845 m2 area coverage
Panel Dimension 1292 × 192 × 8 mm

Available in a range of 6 exotic & aesthetically fine colors, VISTA AC-3 is an economical range of sturdiness
Laminated Flooring – AC3 (8mm)
Laminated Flooring –AC4 (8.3mm)
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