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An Awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to an exterior wall of a commercial or a residential building. An awning can be placed above a window or a door, and can be used as an interior enhancing accessory on decks or patios. Awnings provide a sheltered space to further enjoy an outdoor setting.

Vista has been the market leader for Awnings, and they shades offered in our portfolio make sure, that apart from utility, awnings add an element of design to your exteriors. Retractable awnings offered by Vista let you control the weather on your own terms. They create a haven from passing thunders, or when the sun shines too bright. Vista awnings provide shade that can be as much as 20 degrees cooler under the canopy. As a further benefit, if the awning is placed over a window or glass doors, that can keep the temperature cooler by preventing sunlight from shining through the glass.

Our awnings require minimum maintenance as the fabric used is treated for stain repellency and colour fastness. Vista awnings also have the option for motorisation.

We offer :

  • Window awnings for Balcony, Terrace and Patio spaces
  • Awnings for Garden and Beaches
  • Park & Passage Awnings – Tunnel Awnings
  • Fabric Tension Systems
  • Awnings for all Residential Specifications


Our Collection

  • Horizon Awing
  • Carlton Awning
  • Davy Leg Awning
  • Dutch Awning
  • Dutch Cap Awning
  • Reflex Awning
  • Parisian Awning
  • Prisma Awning
  • Butterfly Awning
  • Ferro Awning
  • Novita Awning
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Drop Awning
  • Tunnel Awning
  • Gazebo Awning
  • Garden Awning
  • FTS