Window Blinds

Curtain Channels, Rods & Tracks

Drapery rods are an essential element to enhance the appeal of any room. Drapery rods add elegance & style to your windows besides being highly functional. Vista, the brand leader in this category, provides you numerous options for drapery rods. Vista Drapery rods are available in a variety of materials like Aluminium, ABS, Stainless steel & Brass with a range of shades and textures. Several finial options are available depending on the look you need for your room.

1. Curtain Drapery Rods

  • Soffio Range
  • Heritage Range
  • Stainless Steel Range
  • Amara Luxury Brass Collection

2. I-Channels, M-Track & Super Track

3. Motorized Curtain Tracks

4. Curtain Track for Hospitals