Drapery rods

Drapery Rods / Curtain Tracks


Curtain-Drapery Rods Drapery rods are an essential element, when we are talking of window dressings. If worn properly, Drapery rod adds liveliness to the window. Vista, The brand leader in the Interior products category, provides you numerous options for drapery rods.

We present irresistible range of curtain rods, beautiful enough to be the starting point of your window dressing. Each rod is a state-of-the-art masterpiece. Whether it is subtle, elegant, or a boldly beautiful one, we have eye-catching designs with beautiful colours in exquisite textures and finishes. Over 150 combinations to choose from, our Drapery Rods are a fashion statement by themselves.

Vista Drapery rods range from Alluminium to Wooden to Stainless steel, with combinations and marvelous designs in finials.

1. Stainless Steel Curtain Rods

2. Alluminium Curtain Rods

3. Wooden Cuertain Rods

4. Brass Curtain Rods