Dome Awnings


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The Classic Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings are a truly classic outdoor solution for embellishing the façade of shops, restaurants, villas and other buildings. Classic yet versatile, a canopy awning is a furnishing element that expresses and reinforces the personality of a brand.

All Weather Fabrics

They are made up of fabrics made of hard-wearing polyester. These awnings are also available in a vast choice of colours, patterns and models. There are no restrictions on bespoke solutions for canopy awnings: images, wording and logos can make the outside of a shop recognisable, even from afar.

Built Strong

They are not only highly attractive, elegant and stylish but also functional and hard-wearing. Canopy awnings have a powder-coated aluminium frame with a chromate conversion coating, which allows the top coating to bond better with the surface. Such a treatment protects the movement systems of the fabric, making them more resistant to rain, UV rays and corrosion by aggressive agents.

Timeless Designs

With their rounded half-circle profile and inherent symmetry, Vista canopy awnings wear a timelessness that works with almost any architectural style, from Art Deco to Bungalow to Italianate. The innate compactness and small shade profile of dome canopies is ideally suited to continual indoor sun protection, and the rounded slope of the canopy provides consistent protection from light rains without ever having to adjust the pitch of the awning.

The colossal of charm

The frames we use on our products are first-rated. Sturdy and easy on the eye, they are a modern marvel in design and construction. Every one of our frames is coated with quality powder, which means they are engineered to withstand the elements and remain sturdy for years to come.

Get Inspired

Setting up a Vista Canopy Awning is perhaps one of the most subtle, but elegant ways to spruce up your outdoor recreation space. Not only does it keep the heat away, but it also adds a sophisticated charm that beckons people to lounge in your outdoor oasis. Just scroll through our interesting gallery and get inspired.