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The Outdoor Pergolas

The sharp angles and evenly-spaced supports of the Vista Outdoor Pergola give it a structured appearance that emulates permanent construction, while still being fully retractable. With its clean lines and modern design, Vista Pergola is an unobtrusive and stylish way to get the best out of your outdoor living area, distinguishing itself from other homes or commercial establishments in the neighbourhood.

Inspired by Simplicity

The Vista outdoor pergolas are inspired by the simplest and most ancient protection structure but simplicity is never simple to achieve. It takes attention to detail, quality workmanship, and an understanding of design. Vista Pergolas are leaning against the wall of a building, or self-bearing in a garden, by the sea or pool-side.

Enjoy sun and Rain

With Vista pergolas, the covering system with tilting blades adjusts the microclimate in a natural way. When opened, this shade can stop direct sun radiations and create a light breeze, and when closed, it protects from the rain. The structure is sturdy and resistant, and in powder coated aluminum. The cover is foldable in PVC with horizontal profiles.

Adepts to Architecture

Vista Pergolas play up with the linearity of the horizon as a harmonious part of the building, and are installed freestanding. The sleek front posts allow something that is not typical with a traditional awning enclosure. The Vista 90 Degree Pergola has an optional front drop shade, integrated into the frame and almost invisible when closed.

Designed For You

Vista Pergolas are also available in motorized function with optional sensors and controls. This makes using your Vista Pergola a breeze, so your retractable patio cover system can open and close simultaneously in response to changes in the weather, and also makes it easier to open your pergola patio covers partway when extending or retracting.

Get Inspired

The Vista Pergola's frame is made up of aluminum, powder-coated for vibrant colors and longevity, and with integrated gutters for efficient rain control. These materials are naturally rust-resistant and retain their beauty through a variety of climates. The fabric is a special PVC canvas which is durable against damaging UV exposure, resists sagging, and provides excellent light protection. The fabric can be either completely opaque for maximum privacy and protection, or it can be microperforated, letting in diffused, soft light. These quality materials mean that your Vista pergola will keep its beauty and enhance your location for years.