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Vista Sun Sail Canopy

Silent relaxation, a formal affair, or a last-minute party, there's a shade for every occasion. Some are designed to overlap, thereby adding some form and style to their function. The shade system is based on the basic technology as a ship’s sail. A sail canopy has a flexible material tensioned between several anchor points.

Create Cozy Shades

Vista Shade sails are easy to set up and are usually common in public gathering places where strong sun radiation makes long stays in the open sun uncomfortable and dangerous due to risk of sunburn and skin cancer. Originally canopy shade fabric, like all fabrics exposed to sunshine, were degraded by UV light. Today, UV inhibitors are incorporated into the shade cloth during its production.

Extremely robust

Cables made of Ø 6 mm strong, high quality stainless steel are incorporated into the surrounding seam of the Vista shade Sail. Therefore the sun sail is extremely robust and suitable for permanent installations and commercial use, i.e. in kindergartens, lidos and in hospitality.

Built for All Seasons

Vista Shade Sail is the right choice for permanent installations. This extremely robust construction has a massive stainless steel three-way-turnbuckle for fixation in the corners. The surrounding edges of the sun sail have a strong stainless steel cable inside. Although the fabric is permerable for water and air, it still protects against up to 98% of the UV-rays. Vista Shade sails are not only prepared for wind and weather, they are also the best choice for shading very large areas.

Seamless Operation

Sail Canopies are usually tensioned using a stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system secured at each corner of the sail. For a permanently fixed sail, the turnbuckle is more suitable for fixing the canopy since it allows more tension to be applied. For sails that are used occasionally, the pulley system is more appropriate as it can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes

Get Inspired

For private or domestic applications of sail canopies, the quick release "snap hook" at each corner is most recommended. This allows the sail canopy to be quickly taken down during the winter season or in high wind conditions. The right set up requires that a considerable tension be put on the sail to allow it to take its right shape and prevent flapping in the wind.